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Yuu Kannagi (Cradle) by JoJoStardust Yuu Kannagi (Cradle) by JoJoStardust
Don't run away! Don't run away from living...! That's an order!"

The Main (Canon) Hero of God Eater, God Eater Burst and God Eater Resurrection, The Captain of the 1st Unit, Yuu Kannagi.

Yuu climbs through the ranks during the game, from Recruit to Lieutenant and eventually become Leader of the First Unit. he's regarded as an exemplar leader. Yuu also possesses the power of Resonance, the ability to synchronize the memories and experiences of others, an ability shared by 2nd Generation New-Type 
God Eaters. This first happens when they visit Alisa in the Sick Bay, reliving the experience of Alisa's parents being killed by a Dyaus Pita. They cannot control this ability willingly, though it tends to happen with those they have a connection to.

Yuu narrates the Burst storyline, dictating what happened after the fall of Aegis Island and the destruction left behind in the wake of Nova's departure. His life remains mostly uneventful until the Firelords in a Storm mission, where He critically injured and His God Arc damaged after the Hannibal returns to life after having its core extracted. As he go on to protect Licca from an Aragami attack on the Den by using Lindow's God Arc. While it rejects him , he meets Ren. The two fight together later on against a black strain of Hannibal -- one that they realize, through a Resonance, is Lindow Amamiya transformed.

Yuu goes on to use their Resonance power to get into Lindow's mind, fight the Corrosive Hannibal trying to take over alongside him, and eventually, kill it with the aid of Ren -- or rather, Lindow's original God Arc. This brings the former First Unit Leader back to normal, with a new Aragami arm to show for his transformation.

After the main game, Yuu is assumed to retain his position as Leader of the First Unit, as while Lindow does return to Fenrir, he doesn't take it back, taking up the position of a ranger instead.

After the events of Resurrection, Yuu along with Lindow, Kota, Soma and Alisa, are now members of the traveling Fenrir branch Cradle. While notably not present, in God Eater 2, Lindow mentions Yuu in passing while talking with Hiro about the origin of his Aragami arm.……

The References i used to draw this:…|1…

Yuu of The God eater series and Ludger of the tales series Blongs to Namco Bandai

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